§ 34-24

When the exemption ceases; lien of judgment or decree against householder

When any person, entitled as a householder to the exemption provided for in § 34-4, ceases to be a householder or when any person removes from this Commonwealth, his right to claim or hold any estate as exempt under the provisions of this chapter, shall cease; but the lien of a judgment, or decree for money, rendered against a householder, and which is not paramount to the exemption provided for in this chapter, shall, as to the real estate held as exempt by him, attach to such only of that estate as he may be possessed of or entitled to at the time the exemption thereof ceases, as aforesaid, and until that time the lien shall not be enforced. Such judgments shall attach in the order of their priority, respectively, subject to the provisions of Article 2 (§ 64.2-309 et seq.) of Chapter 2 of Title 64.2.


Code 1919, § 6550; 1972, c. 825; 1974, c. 272; 1981, c. 580.


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