§ 8.01-631

Injunction bond

A. Except in the case of a fiduciary or any other person from whom in the opinion of the court awarding an injunction it may be improper or unnecessary to require bond, no temporary injunction shall take effect until the movant gives bond with security in an amount that the trial court considers proper to pay the costs and damages sustained by any party found to have been incorrectly enjoined, with such conditions as the trial court may prescribe.

B. When an appeal is taken from an interlocutory order or final judgment granting, dissolving, or denying a permanent injunction, and while the appeal is pending, the trial court in its discretion may suspend, modify, restore, or grant an injunction during the pendency of the appeal upon such terms as to bond or otherwise as it considers proper for the security of the rights of the adverse party.

C. The bond shall be given before the clerk of the court in which the injunction is awarded.

D. An order by the trial court under subsection A or B may be modified or vacated by the appellate court having jurisdiction over the appeal in accordance with § 8.01-676.1.

E. For any temporary or permanent injunction sought by, or awarded to, the Commonwealth, or any of its officers or agencies, no bond shall be required.


Code 1950, § 8-623; 1976, c. 238; 1977, c. 617; 2012, cc. 8, 77.


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