§ 64.2-2010

Eligibility for public guardian or conservator

The circuit court may appoint a local or regional program authorized by the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services pursuant to Article 6 (§ 51.5-149 et seq.) of Chapter 14 of Title 51.5 as the guardian or conservator for any resident of the Commonwealth who is found to be incapacitated if the court finds that (i) the incapacitated person’s resources are insufficient to fully compensate a private guardian and pay court costs and fees associated with the appointment proceeding and (ii) there is no other proper and suitable person willing and able to serve in such capacity or there is no guardian or conservator appointed within one month of adjudication pursuant to § 64.2-2015. The court shall use the guidelines for determining indigency set forth in § 19.2-159 in determining the sufficiency of the respondent’s estate. If the respondent would be eligible for the appointment of counsel pursuant to § 19.2-159, he shall be eligible for the appointment of a public guardian or conservator pursuant to this section.


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