General Provisions

This is Article 1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “General Provisions.” It is part of Title 63.2, titled “Welfare (social Services).” It is part of Subtitle III, titled “Social Services Programs.” It is part of Chapter 12, titled “Adoption.” It’s comprised of the following 26 sections.

§ 63.2-1200
Who may place children for adoption
§ 63.2-1200.1
Recognition of foreign adoption; issuance of birth certificates
§ 63.2-1201
Filing of petition for adoption; venue; jurisdiction; and proceedings
§ 63.2-1201.1
Previously married persons who stood in loco parentis during the time of the marriage may adopt in the same manner as married persons
§ 63.2-1202
Parental, or agency, consent required; exceptions
§ 63.2-1203
When consent is withheld or unobtainable
§ 63.2-1204
When consent is revocable; fraud or duress; mutual consent
§ 63.2-1205
Best interests of the child; standards for determining
§ 63.2-1205.1
Violent sex offenders prohibited from adopting a child
§ 63.2-1206
No parental presumption after revocation period expires
§ 63.2-1207
Removal of child from adoptive home
§ 63.2-1208
Investigations; report to circuit court
§ 63.2-1209
Entry of interlocutory order
§ 63.2-1210
Probationary period, interlocutory order and order of reference not required under certain circumstances
§ 63.2-1211
Revocation of interlocutory order
§ 63.2-1212
Visitations during probationary period and report
§ 63.2-1213
Final order of adoption
§ 63.2-1214
Annual review of pending petitions for adoption; duty of Commissioner and circuit court clerk
§ 63.2-1215
Legal effects of adoption
§ 63.2-1216
Final order not subject to attack after six months
§ 63.2-1217
Provision of false information; penalty
§ 63.2-1218
Certain exchange of property, advertisement, solicitation prohibited; penalty
§ 63.2-1219
Suspected violation of property exchange information
§ 63.2-1220
Issuance of birth certificates for children adopted in the Commonwealth
§ 63.2-1220.01
Foreign adoptions; establishment of date of birth
§ 63.2-1220.1
Establishment of minimum training requirements