Local Boards Of Social Services

This is Article 1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Local Boards Of Social Services.” It is part of Title 63.2, titled “Welfare (social Services).” It is part of Subtitle I, titled “General Provisions Relating To Social Services.” It is part of Chapter 3, titled “Local Social Services.” It’s comprised of the following 25 sections.

§ 63.2-300
Local boards established by local governments
§ 63.2-301
Local board appointments and terms of office
§ 63.2-302
How local board for a single county is constituted
§ 63.2-303
Local boards in counties having special forms of county government
§ 63.2-304
How local board of a city is constituted
§ 63.2-305
Advisory boards
§ 63.2-306
Local boards established by two or more political subdivisions
§ 63.2-306.1
Withdrawal from district boards of social services
§ 63.2-307
Local boards serving certain districts
§ 63.2-308
Suspension or removal of members
§ 63.2-309
§ 63.2-310
Compensation and expenses
§ 63.2-311
Fiscal officer for district board; compensation of such officer
§ 63.2-312
Meetings; organization; chairman and vice-chairman; secretary
§ 63.2-313
Administration of law
§ 63.2-314
Funds received from public or private sources; authority of local governing bodies to make grants; authority of local boards to establish regulations and fees for court ordered services
§ 63.2-315
Furnishing reports
§ 63.2-316
Submission of budget to governing bodies
§ 63.2-317
Employment of counsel for local boards and employees; payment of expenses
§ 63.2-318
Payment of legal fees and expenses for certain local department employees
§ 63.2-319
Child welfare and other services
§ 63.2-320
Accepting and expending certain funds on behalf of children placed by or entrusted to local board when no guardian appointed; disposition of funds when children discharged
§ 63.2-321
Interest in and cooperation for public assistance and social services; directing local director
§ 63.2-322
Conducting hearings, issuing subpoenas, etc
§ 63.2-323
Emergency payments