§ 63.2-1610

Voluntary adult protective services

A. The local department shall provide or arrange for protective services if the adult requests or affirmatively consents to receive these services. If the adult withdraws or refuses consent, the services shall not be provided.

B. No person shall interfere with the provision of adult protective services to an (i) adult who requests or consents to receive such services, or (ii) for whom consent has been lawfully given. In the event that interference occurs on a continuing basis, the director may petition the court of competent jurisdiction to enjoin such interference.

C. The actual costs incurred by the local department in providing adult protective services shall be borne by the local department, unless the adult or his representative agrees to pay for them or a court orders the local department to receive reasonable reimbursement for the adult protective services, excluding administrative costs, from the adult’s assets after a finding that the adult is financially able to make such payment.


1977, c. 547, § 63.1-55.7; 2002, c. 747; 2004, cc. 749, 1011.


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