§ 56-522

Compensation to utility

The utility shall be entitled to receive reasonable, proper and lawful compensation for the use of its business, facilities and properties by the Commonwealth. In the event the parties in interest are unable to agree upon the amount of such compensation either party may file a petition in the court rendering judgment requiring delivery of possession of the utility, or in the event no such judgment was rendered, in any court mentioned in § 56-516, for the purpose of having the same judicially determined. The court shall, without a jury, hear such evidence and argument of counsel as may be deemed appropriate and render judgment thereon or may, subject to the provisions of § 8.01-607, refer to a commissioner such questions as are considered proper and act upon the commissioner’s report as permitted in the statutes and rules governing commissioners’ proceedings. An appeal shall be to the Supreme Court from any final judgment of the court rendered under this section. If the amount of compensation so determined shall be less than the sum paid to the utility under the provisions of § 56-520 the utility shall return the excess by paying the same to the State Treasurer to be credited as the Governor may direct in accordance with the provisions of § 56-518.


1952, c. 696; 2005, cc. 681, 885.


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