§ 54.1-3473


As used in this chapter, unless the context requires a different meaning:”Board” means the Board of Physical Therapy.”Physical therapist” means any person licensed by the Board to engage in the practice of physical therapy.”Physical therapist assistant” means any person licensed by the Board to assist a physical therapist in the practice of physical therapy.”Practice of physical therapy” means that branch of the healing arts that is concerned with, upon medical referral and direction, the evaluation, testing, treatment, reeducation and rehabilitation by physical, mechanical or electronic measures and procedures of individuals who, because of trauma, disease or birth defect, present physical and emotional disorders. The practice of physical therapy also includes the administration, interpretation, documentation, and evaluation of tests and measurements of bodily functions and structures within the scope of practice of the physical therapist. However, the practice of physical therapy does not include the medical diagnosis of disease or injury, the use of Roentgen rays and radium for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes or the use of electricity for shock therapy and surgical purposes including cauterization.


2000, c. 688; 2001, c. 858.


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