This is Article 16 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Pedestrians.” It is part of Title 46.2, titled “Motor Vehicles.” It is part of Subtitle III, titled “Operation.” It is part of Chapter 8, titled “Regulation Of Traffic.” It’s comprised of the following 14 sections.

§ 46.2-923
How and where pedestrians to cross highways
§ 46.2-924
Drivers to stop for pedestrians; installation of certain signs; penalty
§ 46.2-925
Pedestrian control signals
§ 46.2-926
Pedestrians stepping into highway where they cannot be seen
§ 46.2-927
Boarding or alighting from buses
§ 46.2-928
Pedestrians not to use roadway except when necessary; keeping to left
§ 46.2-929
Pedestrians soliciting rides
§ 46.2-930
Loitering on bridges or highway rights-of-way
§ 46.2-931
Localities may prohibit or regulate distribution of handbills, etc., solicitation of contributions, and sale of merchandise or services on highways within their boundaries or on public roadways and medians
§ 46.2-932
Playing on highways; use of toy vehicle on highways, persons riding bicycles, electric personal assistive mobility devices, electric power-assisted bicycles, mopeds, etc., not to attach to vehicles; exception
§ 46.2-932.1
Duty of driver approaching blind pedestrian; effect of failure of blind person to carry white cane or use dog guide
§ 46.2-933
When vehicles to stop for pedestrian guided by dog or carrying white, red-tipped white, or metallic cane
§ 46.2-934
Failure to use cane or guide dog not contributory negligence
§ 46.2-935
Regulation by ordinance in counties, cities, and towns