§ 38.2-3418

Coverage for victims of rape or incest

Each hospital expense, medical-surgical expense, major medical expense or hospital confinement indemnity insurance policy issued by an insurer, each individual and group subscription contract providing hospital, medical, or surgical benefits issued by a corporation, and each contract issued by a health maintenance organization which provide benefits as a result of an “accident” or “accidental injury” shall be construed to include benefits for pregnancy following an act of rape of an insured or subscriber which was reported to the police within seven days following its occurrence, to the same extent as any other covered accident. The 7-day requirement shall be extended to 180 days in the case of an act of rape or incest of a female under 13 years of age.


1981, c. 42, § 38.1-348.13; 1986, c. 562.


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