§ 38.2-2211

Motor vehicle liability insurer not to receive credit for other medical expense insurance

No policy or contract of bodily injury or property damage liability insurance that contains any representation by an insurer to pay all reasonable medical expenses incurred for bodily injury caused by accident to the insured, relative or any other person coming within the provisions of the policy, shall be issued or delivered by any insurer licensed in this Commonwealth upon any motor vehicle then principally garaged or principally used in this Commonwealth, if the policy provides for credit against the medical expense coverage for any other medical expense insurance to which the injured person may be entitled. Nothing in this section allows the injured person to collect more than his actual medical expenses as a result of an accident from any one or any combination of all policies providing motor vehicle medical payment coverage applicable to the accident.


1968, c. 759, § 38.1-381.4; 1986, c. 562.


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