§ 38.2-1506

Requirements when receiver appointed; disbursement of available assets to association, etc

A. Whenever a receiver, other than the Commission, is appointed pursuant to § 38.2-1504 for any domestic insurer other than an insurer writing exclusively title, fidelity and surety, credit or ocean marine insurance, the receiver shall petition the court for approval of a plan to disburse the assets. This shall be completed within 120 days of a final determination by the Commission that the insurer is insolvent. After the application of an association for an insolvent insurer’s available assets has been granted, the insolvent insurer’s assets will be disbursed to any association entitled to them as they become available.

B. The plan shall include provisions for the receiver to take all the actions required by subsections B and C of § 38.2-1509.

C. Notice of the petition by the receiver to the court for approval of a plan to disburse an insurer’s assets shall be given to the associations and the commissioners of insurance of the other states. This notice shall be deemed given when sent by certified mail at least thirty days before submission of the petition to the court. Action on the petition may be taken by the court or a judge of the court if the required notice has been given and the plan of the receiver contains the provisions set forth in this section.


1978, c. 696, § 38.1-131.1; 1986, c. 562.


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