§ 3.2-2904

Powers and duties of the Agricultural Council

A. The Agricultural Council shall have charge of the management and expenditure of the Virginia Agricultural Foundation Fund. The Agricultural Council may expend funds to provide for programs of agricultural research and education and agricultural services; manage the fund so as to accumulate a reserve for contingencies; establish an office and employ such technical, professional, and other assistants as may be required, subject to the provisions of the Virginia Personnel Act (§ 2.2-2900 et seq.); contract for research and other services; and take all such measures as will assist in strengthening and promoting the best interests of agriculture in the Commonwealth.

B. The chairman shall submit an annual report to the members, the Governor, and the General Assembly on or before November 1 of each year. The report shall contain the annual financial statements of the Agricultural Council for the year ending the preceding June 30.


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