§ 15.2-1711

Providing legal fees and expenses for law-enforcement officers; repayment to locality of two-thirds of amount by Compensation Board

If any law-enforcement officer is investigated, arrested or indicted or otherwise prosecuted on any criminal charge arising out of any act committed in the discharge of his official duties, and no charges are brought, the charge is subsequently dismissed or upon trial he is found not guilty, the governing body of the locality wherein he is appointed may reimburse such officer for reasonable legal fees and expenses incurred by him in defense of such investigation or charge; such reimbursement shall be paid from the treasury of the locality.When a governing body reimburses its sheriff or a law-enforcement officer in the sheriff’s employment for reasonable legal fees and expenses as provided for in this section, then, upon certification of the reimbursement to the Chairman of the Compensation Board by the presiding officer of the governing body, the Compensation Board shall pay to the applicable locality two-thirds of the amount so certified.


1975, c. 31, § 15.1-131.6; 1979, c. 600; 1980, c. 106; 1985, c. 321; 1997, c. 587.


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