§ 10.1-1801

Powers of Foundation

The Virginia Outdoors Foundation shall have the following general powers:

1. To have succession until dissolved by the General Assembly, in which event title to the properties of the Foundation, both real and personal, shall, insofar as consistent with existing contractual obligations and subject to all other legally enforceable claims or demands by or against the Foundation, pass to and become vested in the Commonwealth;

2. To sue and be sued in contractual matters in its own name;

3. To promulgate regulations as it deems necessary for the administration of its functions in accordance with the Administrative Process Act (§ 2.2-4000 et seq.);

4. To accept, hold, and administer gifts and bequests of money, securities, or other property, absolutely or in trust, for the purposes for which the Foundation is created. Unless otherwise restricted by the terms of the gift or bequest, the Foundation is authorized to sell, exchange, or otherwise dispose of and to invest or reinvest in such investments as it may determine the moneys, securities, or other property given or bequeathed to it. The principal of such funds, together with the income therefrom and all other revenues, shall be placed in such depositories as the Foundation shall determine and shall constitute a special fund and be subject to expenditure by the Foundation without further appropriation. The Foundation shall not engage in any business except in the furtherance of its objectives;

5. To acquire by gift, devise, purchase, or otherwise, absolutely or in trust, and to hold and, unless otherwise restricted by the terms of the gift or devise, to encumber, convey, or otherwise dispose of, any real property, or any estate or interest therein, as may be necessary and proper in carrying into effect the purposes of the Foundation;

6. To enter into contracts generally and to execute all instruments necessary or appropriate to carry out its purposes;

7. To appoint and prescribe the duties of such officers, agents, and employees as may be necessary to carry out its functions, and to fix and pay such compensation to them for their services as the Foundation may determine; and

8. To perform any lawful acts necessary or appropriate to carry out the purposes of the Foundation.


1966, c. 525, § 10-163; 1988, c. 891.


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