§ 10.1-1703

Acquisition of title subject to reservation of farming or timber rights; acquisition of easements, etc.; property to be made available for farming and timber uses

Any public body is authorized to acquire (i) unrestricted fee simple title to tracts; (ii) fee simple title to such land subject to reservation of rights to use such lands for farming or to reservation of timber rights thereon; or (iii) easements in gross or such other interests in real estate of not less than five years’ duration as are designed to maintain the character of such land as open-space land. Any such interest may also be perpetual. Whenever practicable in the judgment of the public body, real property acquired pursuant to this chapter shall be made available for agricultural and timbering uses which are compatible with the purposes of this chapter.


1966, c. 461, § 10-158; 1974, c. 259; 1981, c. 64; 1988, c. 891.


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