§ 10.1-1199

Immunity against administrative or civil penalties for voluntarily disclosed violation

To the extent consistent with requirements imposed by federal law, any person making a voluntary disclosure of information to a state or local regulatory agency regarding a violation of an environmental statute, regulation, permit or administrative order shall be accorded immunity from administrative or civil penalty under such statute, regulation, permit or administrative order. A disclosure is voluntary if (i) it is not otherwise required by law, regulation, permit or administrative order, (ii) it is made promptly after knowledge of the violation is obtained through a voluntary environmental assessment, and (iii) the person making the disclosure corrects the violation in a diligent manner in accordance with a compliance schedule submitted to the appropriate state or local regulatory agencies demonstrating such diligence. Immunity shall not be accorded if it is found that the person making the voluntary disclosure has acted in bad faith. This section does not bar the institution of a civil action claiming compensation for injury to person or property against an owner or operator.


1995, c. 564.


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