§ 8.01-465.23

Enforcement of foreign judgments

If an action is brought to enforce a judgment of another jurisdiction expressed in a foreign money and the judgment is enforceable in the Commonwealth, the enforcing judgment must be entered as provided in § 8.01-465.20, whether or not the foreign judgment confers an option to pay in an equivalent amount of United States dollars.A foreign judgment may be filed in accordance with Chapter 17.1 (§ 8.01-465.1 et seq.) or Chapter 17.2 (§ 8.01-465.13:1 et seq.).A satisfaction or partial payment made upon the foreign judgment, on proof thereof, must be credited against the amount of foreign money specified in the judgment, notwithstanding the entry of judgment in the Commonwealth.A judgment entered on a foreign-money claim only in United States dollars in another state shall be enforced in United States dollars only.


1991, c. 24; 2014, c. 462.


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