§ 8.01-384.1

Interpreters for deaf in civil proceedings

In any civil proceeding in which a speech-impaired or hearing-impaired person is a party or witness, the court may appoint a qualified interpreter to assist such person in the proceeding. The court shall appoint an interpreter for any speech-impaired or hearing-impaired person who requests this assistance.Interpreters for the deaf in these proceedings shall be procured through the Department for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.Any person who is eligible for an interpreter pursuant to this section may waive the use of an interpreter appointed by the court for all or a portion of the proceedings. A person who waives his right to an interpreter may provide his own interpreter at his own expense without regard to whether the interpreter is qualified under this section.The compensation of interpreters appointed pursuant to this section shall be fixed by the court and paid from the general fund of the state treasury or may, in the discretion of the court, be assessed as a part of the cost of the proceedings.The provisions of this section shall apply in both circuit courts and district courts.


1982, c. 444.


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