§ 64.2-444

Clerks may probate wills

A. The clerk of any circuit court, or any duly qualified deputy of such clerk, may admit wills to probate, appoint and qualify executors, administrators, and curators of decedents, and require and take from them the necessary bonds, in the same manner and with like effect as the circuit court.

B. The clerk shall keep an order book, in which shall be entered all orders made by him, or his deputy, in performance of his duties pursuant to subsection A, except probate orders that are recorded in the will book need not be entered in the order book.

C. All wills heretofore admitted to probate by any duly qualified deputy clerk of any circuit court are deemed to have been properly admitted to probate to the same extent as if the clerk had acted in the proceeding.


Code 1950, § 64-73; 1968, c. 656, § 64.1-77; 1973, c. 217; 2012, c. 614.


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