Water-power Development, Conservation Of Hydroelectric Power Dams And Works

This is Chapter 7 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Water-power Development, Conservation Of Hydroelectric Power Dams And Works.” It is part of Title 62.1, titled “Waters Of The State, Ports And Harbors.” It’s comprised of the following 25 sections.

§ 62.1-100
Rules of Commission; reports; employment of experts, etc
§ 62.1-101
Licenses not affected by alteration, amendment or repeal of chapter
§ 62.1-102
Alteration or amendment of license
§ 62.1-103
Jurisdiction of United States
§ 62.1-80
Declaration of public policy
§ 62.1-80.1
Applicability of chapter
§ 62.1-81
"Waters of the Commonwealth" defined
§ 62.1-82
Control and regulation by State Corporation Commission; existing rights of riparian owners
§ 62.1-83
Dams across waters of Commonwealth
§ 62.1-84
What "dam" includes
§ 62.1-85
License required to construct dam; application
§ 62.1-86
Notice of hearing on application
§ 62.1-87
Proceedings at hearing
§ 62.1-88
Determination and investigation by Commission
§ 62.1-89
When license granted
§ 62.1-90
Rejection of application; requiring applicant to modify plans
§ 62.1-91
Terms and conditions of license; preventing obstruction of navigation or flow; dams across navigable waters of United States
§ 62.1-92
Priority of location or appropriation; notice to owners of existing developments
§ 62.1-93
Time limits on construction of proposed dam and works
§ 62.1-94
Duration of licenses; acquisition of developments by Commonwealth
§ 62.1-95
Value of license not to be estimated in valuation for rate making, etc.; intangible water-power value
§ 62.1-96
Transfer or assignment of license
§ 62.1-97
Proceedings on violation of terms of license or of provisions of chapter or regulations
§ 62.1-98
Right of eminent domain of public service corporations
§ 62.1-99
Water-power developments constructed or acquired prior to certain date