§ 62.1-69.40

Standing and ad hoc committees

To facilitate communication among stakeholders in the Roanoke River Basin, and to maximize participation by all interested parties, the Commission shall establish both standing and ad hoc committees. The Commission shall appoint the members of the standing and ad hoc committees, in accordance with guidelines adopted by the Commission. The standing committees shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

1. Permit holders. The Commission shall identify those entities that hold permits issued by a federal, state or local regulatory agency pertaining to the water of the Basin. Such entities may recommend a representative to be appointed to the committee by the Commission;

2. Roanoke River Basin interest groups. The Commission shall identify interest groups that may recommend a representative to be appointed to the committee by the Commission;

3. Public officials and government entities. The committee shall be composed of representatives of each county, city and town located completely or partially within the Basin, and any other governmental entities that the Commission deems appropriate may recommend one member to be appointed to the committee by the Commission. The committee may also include the U.S. Senators from Virginia and North Carolina or their designees, and any member of the U.S. House of Representatives or his designee, whose district includes any portion of the Basin, if such members elect to serve on the committee; and

4. Agriculture, forestry and soil and water conservation districts. The Commission shall identify persons who represent agricultural and forestry interests throughout the Basin and representatives from the soil and water conservation districts within the Basin and shall appoint representatives from these groups to the committee.


2002, cc. 657, 843; 2003, c. 885.


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