§ 59.1-443


Section 59.1-442 shall not apply to: (i) information gathered for purposes of extending credit or the recording and sale, rental, exchange or disclosure to others of information obtained from any public body as defined in the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (§ 2.2-3700 et seq.); (ii) the sale of information concerning a check or credit card transaction when it is incidental to the sale or other disposition of accounts receivable; (iii) the furnishing by a merchant of information on check writing activity of its customers in conjunction with check validation transactions; or (iv) information sold in connection with any sale by a business of the business’s retail operations at one or more locations, provided that the information is sold only to the purchasers thereof.


1992, c. 807; 1993, c. 453; 2004, c. 241.


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