§ 55-79.73

Bylaws to be recorded with declaration; contents; unit owners’ association; executive organ; amendment of bylaws

A. There shall be recorded simultaneously with the declaration a set of bylaws providing for the self-government of the condominium by an association of all the unit owners. The unit owners’ association may be incorporated.

B. The bylaws shall provide whether or not the unit owners’ association shall elect an executive organ. If there is to be such an organ, the bylaws shall specify the powers and responsibilities of the same and the number and terms of its members. Except to the extent the condominium instruments provide otherwise, any vacancy occurring in the executive organ shall be filled by a vote of a majority of the remaining members of the executive organ at a meeting of the executive organ, even though the members of the executive organ present at such meeting may constitute less than a quorum because a quorum is impossible to obtain. Each person so elected shall serve until the next annual meeting of the unit owners’ association at which time a successor shall be elected by a vote of the unit owners. The bylaws may delegate to such organ, inter alia, any of the powers and responsibilities assigned by this chapter to the unit owners’ association. The bylaws shall also specify which, if any, of its powers and responsibilities the unit owners’ association or its executive organ may delegate to a managing agent.

C. The bylaws may provide for arbitration of disputes or other means of alternative dispute resolution in accordance with subsection C of § 55-79.53.

D. In any case where an amendment to the declaration is required by subsection (b), (c), or (d) of § 55-79.56, the person or persons required to execute the same shall also prepare and execute, and record simultaneously with such amendment, an amendment to the bylaws. The amendment to the bylaws shall allocate votes in the unit owners’ association to new units on the same basis as was used for the allocation of such votes to the units depicted on plats and plans recorded pursuant to subsections A and B of § 55-79.58, or shall abolish the votes appertaining to former units, as the case may be. The amendment to the bylaws shall also reallocate rights to future common profits, and liabilities for future common expenses not specially assessed, in proportion to relative voting strengths as reflected by the said amendment.


1974, c. 416; 1978, c. 332; 1993, c. 667; 1998, c. 32; 2012, c. 758.


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