§ 55-557

Tax exemption; conditions

A. All interest or other income earned attributable to an account shall be excluded from the Virginia taxable income of the account holder as provided under subdivision C 36 of § 58.1-322.

B. There shall be an aggregate limit of $ 50,000 per account on the amount of principal for which the account holder may claim first-time home buyer savings account status. Only cash and marketable securities may be contributed to an account.

C. Subject to the aggregate limit on the amount of principal that may be contributed to an account pursuant to subsection B, there shall be a limitation of $ 150,000 on the amount of principal and interest or other income on the principal that may be retained within an account.

D. An account holder shall be subject to Virginia income tax pursuant to subdivision B 10 of § 58.1-322 to the extent of any loss deducted as a capital loss by the individual for federal income tax purposes attributable to the person’s account.

E. Upon being furnished proof of the death of the account holder, a financial institution shall distribute the principal and accumulated interest or other income in the account in accordance with the terms of the contract governing the account.


2014, c. 729.


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