§ 55-528


As used in this chapter, unless the context requires a different meaning:”Association” includes condominium, cooperative, or property owners’ associations.”Balance of the fund” means cash, securities that are legal investments for fiduciaries under the provisions of subdivisions A 1, 2, and 4 of § 2.2-4519, and repurchase agreements secured by obligations of the United States government or any agency thereof, and shall not mean accounts receivable, judgments, notes, accrued interest, or other obligations to the fund.”Board” means the Common Interest Community Board.”Claimant” means upon proper application to the Director, a receiver for a common interest community manager appointed pursuant to § 54.1-2353 in those cases in which there are not sufficient funds to restore all funds that were or ought to have been held in a fiduciary capacity by the subject common interest community manager or to pay an award of reasonable fees, costs, and expenses to the receiver.”Common interest community” means real estate located within the Commonwealth subject to a declaration which contains lots, at least some of which are residential or occupied for recreational purposes, and common areas to which a person, by virtue of his ownership of a lot, is a member of an association and is obligated to pay assessments provided for in a declaration.”Declaration” means any instrument, however denominated, recorded among the land records of the county or city in which the development or any part thereof is located, that either (i) imposes on the association maintenance or operational responsibilities for the common area as a regular annual assessment or (ii) creates the authority in the association to impose on lots, or on the owners or occupants of such lots, or on any other entity any mandatory payment of money as a regular annual assessment in connection with the provision of maintenance or services or both for the benefit of some or all of the lots, the owners or occupants of the lots, or the common area. “Declaration” includes any amendment or supplement to the instruments described in this definition.”Director” means the Director of the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation.”Governing board” means the governing board of an association, including the executive organ of a condominium unit owners’ association, the executive board of a cooperative proprietary lessees’ association, and the board of directors of a property owners’ association.”Lot” means (i) any plot or parcel of land designated for separate ownership or occupancy shown on a recorded subdivision plat for a development or the boundaries of which are described in the declaration or in a recorded instrument referred to or expressly contemplated by the declaration, other than a common area, and (ii) a unit in a condominium association or a unit in a real estate cooperative.


1993, c. 958; 2008, cc. 851, 871.


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