§ 55-525.14

Disclosure of charges for appraisal or valuation using automated or other valuation mechanism

Any lender providing a loan secured by a first deed of trust or mortgage on real estate containing not more than four residential dwelling units shall disclose on the settlement statement or closing disclosure, as those terms are defined in § 55-525.16, any fee charged to the borrower for an appraisal, as that term is defined in § 54.1-2009, and any fee charged to the borrower for a valuation or opinion of value of the property prepared using an automated or other mechanism prepared by a person who is not licensed as an appraiser under Chapter 20.1 (§ 54.1-2009 et seq.) of Title 54.1.


2008, c. 400, § 6.1-2.13:3; 2010, c. 794; 2016, c. 619.


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