§ 55-389

Protection of lien holder

Any lien holder of a time-share interest in any time-share program shall have the following rights:

1. The lien holder shall have its lien rights preserved as against any purchaser of a time-share who claims that the time-share instrument is invalid, void or voidable, thirty days after written notice by certified mail or personal delivery has been given by the developer or lien holder to the purchaser. The notice must state that the developer has assigned the receivables to the lien holder and that the purchaser has thirty days within which to object and specify the invalidity or defect contained within such time-share instrument. The notice required by this section may be included in the blanket encumbrance, in the contract, or in any note, deed of trust or mortgage executed by the purchaser in connection with the purchaser’s deferred purchase of a time-share.

2. Any purchaser who fails to indicate that the time-share instrument is invalid, void, or voidable as provided in subdivision 1 waives, or is estopped to raise, the same in any subsequent enforcement of the collection of the receivable by the lien holder.


1981, c. 462; 1985, c. 517; 1998, c. 460.


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