§ 55-197

Recovery by escheator of decedent’s escheated residuum, and of property derelict; fee

The residuum of a decedent’s estate consisting of real property, belonging to the Commonwealth, or subject to escheat to the Commonwealth, and any such property abandoned or derelict, or having no rightful owner, may be recovered from any person in possession thereof by an escheator by a bill in equity in the name of the Commonwealth. For his services in such recovery the escheator shall be entitled to such fee as may be approved by the State Treasurer, but in no event shall such fee exceed ten percent of the value of such recovered property.


Code 1919, § 518; 1956, c. 15; 1966, c. 251; 1977, c. 583; 1981, c. 514; 1984, c. 315.


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