§ 55-192

Escheator’s pay

Except as provided hereinafter, the escheator shall have a commission of ten percent on all proceeds of sales made by him of escheated lands which are paid to him or into the state treasury. Where an escheator is replaced by the appointment and qualification of a successor and where such escheator has published the notice of inquest provided for in § 55-172 but the sale provided for in § 55-184.1 has not been held, the ten percent commission on the proceeds of the sales of the escheated lands so advertised shall be divided equally between such escheator and his successor. For the inquest of each parcel taken by him the escheator shall be paid ten dollars, out of any money in the state treasury belonging to the literary fund.


Code 1919, § 513; 1977, c. 583; 1981, c. 514; 1984, c. 315.


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