§ 55-190

Reports by State Treasurer to the Governor; penalty on escheators for failure of duty

The State Treasurer shall, every May 1, file a report with the Governor containing the name of any escheator who fails to perform any duty required of him by this chapter. If any escheator fails to report to and account with the State Treasurer, or fails to pay into the state treasury the proceeds of any sale made by him, or any such rents and profits, in the manner and within the time prescribed by law, he shall be fined no more than $ 200 for every sixty days such failure continues. If any escheator fails to perform any other duty required of him by this chapter, for the failure of which no specific penalty is provided, he shall be fined therefor no more than fifty dollars. Any action or motion for any fine under this chapter may be instituted or made, at the discretion of the State Treasurer, or of the Attorney General, in the Circuit Court of the City of Richmond, after fifteen days’ notice, in the case of such motion.


Code 1919, § 511; 1981, c. 514; 1996, c. 551.


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