§ 55-186.2

Governor to sign and seal grant; Librarian of Virginia to record it, etc.; delivery to and by State Treasurer

The State Treasurer shall deliver such grant to the Governor, by whom it shall be signed and sealed with the lesser seal of the Commonwealth. The grant shall then be delivered by the Governor to the Librarian of Virginia, who shall record it, and the plat and certificate of survey, if provided, or other description sufficient to identify the parcel on which the grant is founded, by a procedural microphotographic process which meets archival standards. The Librarian of Virginia shall certify to the State Treasurer that the grant has been recorded and then deliver the grant to the State Treasurer who shall in turn mail it to the party to whom it is made, or his order.


1952, c. 132; 1982, cc. 486, 565; 1984, c. 315; 1998, c. 427.


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