§ 55-184.1

Order of sale by Governor

Not less than six months after the publication of the escheator’s certificate, the State Treasurer shall lay before the Governor the escheator’s certificate, and proof of publication, and, if claim has not been made as aforesaid, or, if made, has been decided in favor of the Commonwealth, the Governor shall order the escheated land to be sold upon such terms, at such time, and at such place within the county or city wherein the lands lie, or if the lands lie within a city that is located wholly within a county, then the sale may take place in the city, or a contiguous city or county as he may think proper. The order of sale shall be delivered to the State Treasurer, to be transmitted to the escheator, who shall proceed to sell according to such order.


1977, c. 583; 1981, c. 514; 1982, c. 486; 1996, cc. 256, 551.


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