§ 55-182.1

Removal of parcels from the certificate

If the escheator finds that the escheat of a parcel was improper, for whatever reason, he shall remove the parcel from the certificate at any time prior to sale pursuant to § 55-184.1. The escheator shall state in writing his reasons for such removal to the satisfaction of the State Treasurer. Thereafter, unless a petition has been filed in accordance with § 55-176, the escheator shall petition the circuit court to correct the verdict returned to the clerk of court pursuant to § 55-175. A copy of this petition shall be sent to the State Treasurer. The escheator shall notify in writing the treasurer or the official performing these duties, of any such error and improper escheat. The escheator shall be reimbursed the costs incurred by him for filing such a petition with the circuit court. The escheator shall file, and the clerk of court shall record, any such corrected verdict in the appropriate deed books.


1984, c. 315; 1990, c. 938; 1991, c. 684.


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