§ 55-175

How verdict signed; where returned and recorded

When the inquest is ended and the verdict concurred in by the jurors impaneled, or at least seven of them, it shall be signed by those so concurring and by the escheator. This verdict is effective so long as it is signed by a majority of the jurors. The escheator shall, within ten days, return the verdict to the clerk’s office of the circuit court. After receiving the verdict, the clerk of such court shall record it in accordance with § 17.1-266 and shall provide copies thereof within ten days to the commissioner of the revenue and the local treasurer or the person performing those duties. This escheat verdict shall be recorded in the grantor index of the record books in the clerk’s office.


Code 1919, c. 496; 1977, c. 583; 1984, c. 315; 1988, c. 377; 1990, c. 938.


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