§ 55-172

Escheator to hold inquest; notice thereof

On receiving such list, or upon information from any person, in writing and under oath, that any of the conditions described in § 55-171 exists, the escheator shall proceed to hold his inquest to determine whether any land mentioned has escheated to the Commonwealth. He shall give notice of the time of taking such inquest, by advertisement, at the front door of the courthouse, for thirty days, and in a newspaper of general circulation within the county or city once, not more than thirty nor less than seven days, prior to the inquest. Notice shall also be mailed to the last owner of record, if any, as it appears in the tax records of the local treasurer. The escheator shall send a copy of the newspaper advertisement to the State Treasurer prior to the date of inquest. The inquest shall be held the same calendar year as the list or information is received by the escheator. The attorney for the Commonwealth shall act as attorney for this proceeding.


Code 1919, § 493; 1977, c. 583; 1982, c. 486; 1984, c. 315; 1988, c. 377; 1996, c. 551.


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