§ 55-141

Decrees and orders in bankruptcy

Certified copies of orders or decrees of adjudication of bankruptcy, made pursuant to the acts of Congress relating to bankruptcy, certified copies of orders of sale, orders confirming sales, and such other orders entered in bankruptcy proceedings as any party in interest may wish to have recorded in the appropriate clerk’s office, or such orders as the referee or the judge having jurisdiction directs to be recorded, may be filed with the clerk of the court authorized to record deeds for the county or city wherein any real estate owned by the bankrupt is situated. Such decrees shall be recorded in the deed books and indexed in the name of the bankrupt. For each such recordation the clerk shall be paid a fee as prescribed in subdivision A 2 of § 17.1-275.


1934, p. 839; Michie Code 1942, § 5216c; 1964, c. 337; 1994, c. 432.


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