§ 52-4.2

Department of Motor Vehicles to publish statistical information, and conduct research and experiments; copies to be furnished by Department to Commonwealth’s attorneys

(a. The Department of Motor Vehicles shall tabulate and analyze all accident reports and shall publish annually, or more frequently, statistical information based thereon as to the number and circumstances of traffic accidents.

(b. Based upon its findings, after analysis, the Department may conduct further necessary detailed research to determine more fully the cause, control and prevention of highway accidents. It may further conduct experimental field tests within areas of the Commonwealth from time to time to prove the practicability of various ideas advanced in traffic control and accident prevention.

(c. The Department of Motor Vehicles shall promptly furnish a copy of any particular accident report or a proof of financial responsibility to any attorney for the Commonwealth upon the request of that person, without charge to be used only in the performance of his official duties.


Code 1950, §§ 46-411, 46-412; 1958, c. 550; 1968, c. 760; 1985, c. 10.


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