§ 52-34.1


As used in this chapter:”Abducted child” means a child (i) whose whereabouts are unknown, (ii) who is believed to have been abducted, (iii) who is 17 years of age or younger or is currently enrolled in a secondary school in the Commonwealth, regardless of age, and (iv) whose disappearance poses a credible threat as determined by law enforcement to the safety and health of the child and under such other circumstances as deemed appropriate by the Virginia State Police.”Amber Agreement” means the voluntary agreement between law-enforcement officials and members of the media whereby a child will be declared abducted, and the public will be notified, and includes all other incidental conditions of the partnership as found appropriate by the Virginia State Police.”Amber Alert” means the notice of child abduction provided to the public by the media or other methods under an Amber Agreement.”Amber Alert Program” or “Program” means the procedures and Amber Agreements to aid in the identification and location of abducted children.”Media” means print, radio, television, and Internet-based communication systems or other methods of communicating information to the public.


2003, cc. 83, 86; 2007, c. 198.


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