§ 51.5-130

Commissioner for Aging and Rehabilitative Services

A. The supervision of the Department shall be the responsibility of the Commissioner for Aging and Rehabilitative Services under the direction and control of the Governor and the Secretary of Health and Human Resources. The Commissioner shall be a person of proven executive and administrative knowledge, skills, and abilities, with appropriate education and substantial experience in the field of aging and rehabilitative services. He shall be appointed by the Governor, subject to confirmation by the General Assembly, to serve at the pleasure of the Governor for a term coincident with that of the Governor.

B. In cooperation with the Commonwealth Council on Aging, the Commissioner shall serve as the Governor’s principal advisor on aging issues and shall recommend to the Governor and the General Assembly such policies, legislation, and other actions appropriate to meet the needs of an aging society and to improve aging services in the Commonwealth. In addition, the Commissioner shall serve as Special Assistant to the Governor for Aging Policy and shall report directly to the Governor as necessary on aging policies.


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