§ 51.5-128

Duties of the Commonwealth Council on Aging

A. The Commonwealth Council on Aging shall have the following duties:

1. Examine the needs of older Virginians and their caregivers and ways in which state government can most effectively and efficiently assist in meeting those needs;

2. Advise the Governor and General Assembly on aging issues and aging policy for the Commonwealth;

3. Advise the Governor on any proposed regulations deemed by the Director of the Department of Planning and Budget to have a substantial and distinct impact on older Virginians and their caregivers. Such advice shall be provided in addition to other regulatory reviews required by the Administrative Process Act (§ 2.2-4000 et seq.);

4. Advocate for and assist in developing the Commonwealth’s planning for meeting the needs of the growing number of older Virginians and their caregivers; and

5. Assist and advise the Department with the development and ongoing review of the Virginia Respite Care Grant Program pursuant to Article 8 (§ 51.5-155 et seq.).

B. The Commonwealth Council on Aging may apply for and expend such grants, gifts, or bequests from any source as may become available in connection with its duties under this section, and may comply with such conditions and requirements as may be imposed in connection therewith.


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