§ 51.5-117

Declaration of purpose; Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services created

A. It is hereby found and determined by the General Assembly that there exists in the Commonwealth a need to ensure effective programs and services, and to improve coordination of these programs and services, for citizens of the Commonwealth who, for reasons of age, disability, or other physical factors, face challenges in living independently in the community and accessing the full range of programs and services to help them achieve independence and an improved quality of life.

B. To achieve the objectives described in subsection A, there is hereby created the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services, with such powers and duties as are set forth in this chapter. The Department shall work to ensure effective communications access, technology, vocational, support, and protective services for these citizens within the agency and across the Commonwealth.

C. The Department shall be in the executive branch of state government and shall be assigned to the Secretary of Health and Human Resources.


2012, cc. 803, 835.


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