§ 46.2-2000.1

Vehicles excluded from operation of chapter

This chapter shall not be construed to include:

1. Motor vehicles employed solely in transporting school children and teachers;

2. Taxicabs, or other motor vehicles performing bona fide taxicab service, having a seating capacity of not more than six passengers, excluding the driver, while operating in a county, city, or town which has or adopts an ordinance regulating and controlling taxicabs and other vehicles performing a bona fide taxicab service, and not operating on a regular route or between fixed termini;

3. Motor vehicles owned or operated by or on behalf of hotels while used exclusively for the transportation of hotel patronage between hotels and local railroad or other common carrier stations;

4. Motor vehicles owned and operated by the United States, the District of Columbia, or any state, or any municipality or any other political subdivision of this Commonwealth, including passenger-carrying motor vehicles while being operated under an exclusive contract with the United States;

5. Any motor vehicle designed with a seating capacity for and used to transport not more than 15 passengers, including the driver, if the driver and the passengers are engaged in a share-the-ride undertaking and if they share not more than the expenses of operation of the vehicle. Regular payments toward a capital recovery fund not exceeding the cost of the vehicle or used to pay for leasing the vehicle are to be considered eligible expenses of operation;

6. Unless otherwise provided, motor vehicles while used exclusively in the transportation of passengers within the corporate limits of incorporated cities or towns, and motor vehicles used exclusively in the regular transportation of passengers within the boundaries of such cities or towns and adjacent counties where such vehicles are being operated by such county or pursuant to a contract with the board of supervisors of such county;

7. Motor vehicles while operated under the exclusive regulatory control of a transportation district commission acting pursuant to the Transportation District Act of 1964 (§ 33.2-1900 et seq.) of Title 33.2;

8. Motor vehicles used for the transportation of passengers by nonprofit, nonstock corporations funded solely by federal, state or local subsidies, the use of which motor vehicles are restricted as to regular and irregular routes to contracts with four or more counties and, at the commencement of the operation, no certificated carrier provides the same or similar services within such counties; and

9. Emergency medical services vehicles as defined in § 32.1-111.1.


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