Regulation Of Gas And Oil Development And Production

This is Article 3 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Regulation Of Gas And Oil Development And Production.” It is part of Title 45.1, titled “Mines And Mining.” It is part of Chapter 22.1, titled “The Virginia Gas And Oil Act.” It’s comprised of the following 16 sections.

§ 45.1-361.27
Duties, responsibilities and authority of the Director
§ 45.1-361.28
Powers, duties and responsibilities of the Inspector
§ 45.1-361.29
Permit required; gas, oil, or geophysical operations; coalbed methane gas wells; environmental assessment
§ 45.1-361.30
Notice of permit applications and permit modification applications required; content
§ 45.1-361.31
Bonding and financial security required
§ 45.1-361.32
Gas and Oil Plugging and Restoration Fund
§ 45.1-361.33
Expiration of permits
§ 45.1-361.34
Abandonment or cessation of well or corehole operation; plugging required
§ 45.1-361.35
Objections to permits; hearing
§ 45.1-361.36
Appeals of Director's decisions to the Board
§ 45.1-361.37
Persons required to register; designated agents
§ 45.1-361.38
Report of permitted activities and production required; contents
§ 45.1-361.39
Developing a gas or oil well as a water well
§ 45.1-361.40
Orphaned Well Fund; orphaned wells
§ 45.1-361.41
Interference by injection wells with ground water supply
§ 45.1-361.42
Safety in coalbed methane gas, oil and geophysical operations