§ 45.1-391

Solar Energy Center; purposes

The Virginia Solar Energy Center is continued as a part of the Department. The purposes of the Center are (i) to serve the people of the Commonwealth as a clearinghouse to gather, maintain and disseminate general and technical information on solar energy and its utilization; (ii) to coordinate programs for solar energy data-gathering in Virginia; (iii) to coordinate efforts and programs on solar energy with other state agencies and institutions, other states and federal agencies; (iv) to promote cooperation among and between Virginia business, industry, agriculture and the public related to the use of solar energy; (v) to develop public education programs on solar energy for use in schools and by the public; and (vi) to provide assistance in formulating policies on the utilization of solar energy that would be in the best interest of the Commonwealth.The intent of the General Assembly is to provide an organization for the purposes set out in this section to receive nonstate funds for such purposes.


1984, c. 590.


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