§ 45.1-361.28

Powers, duties and responsibilities of the Inspector

A. The Inspector shall administer the laws and regulations and shall have access to all records and properties necessary for this purpose. He shall perform all duties delegated by the Director pursuant to § 45.1-161.5 and maintain permanent records of the following:

1. Each application for a gas, oil, or geophysical operation and each permitted gas, oil, or geophysical operation;

2. Meetings, actions and orders of the Board;

3. Petitions for mining coal within 200 feet of or through a well;

4. Requests for special plugging by a coal owner or coal operator; and

5. All other records prepared pursuant to this chapter.

B. The Inspector shall serve as the principal executive of the staff of the Board.

C. The Inspector may take charge of well or corehole, or pipeline emergency operations whenever a well or corehole blowout, release of hydrogen sulfide or other gases, or other serious accident occurs.


1982, c. 347, § 45.1-293; 1987, c. 452; 1989, c. 164; 1990, c. 92.


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