§ 42.1-18

Exchanges; donation, etc., of duplicate material

The Library may arrange for the exchange of the Virginia publications with such states and institutions, the general government and other governments, societies and others, as it sees fit. Publications received on exchange are to become the property of The Library of Virginia, except statute and law books, which shall be placed in the Law Library. The Library may also, when deemed advantageous, donate, exchange or sell any or all duplicate material now or hereafter the property of The Library of Virginia, and other printed material not within the scope of its collections. The Librarian of Virginia shall keep an accurate account of all such sales and pay the money arising therefrom into the general fund of the state treasury.


Code 1950, § 42-56; 1970, c. 606; 1994, c. 64; 1998, c. 427.


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