§ 42.1-15.1

Qualifications required to hold professional librarian position

Public libraries serving a political subdivision or subdivisions having a population greater than 15,000 and libraries operated by the Commonwealth or under its authority, shall not employ, in the position of librarian or in any other full-time professional librarian position, a person who does not meet the qualifications established by the State Library Board.A professional librarian position as used in this section is one that requires a knowledge of books and of library technique equivalent to that required for graduation from any accredited library school or one that requires graduation from a school of library science accredited by the American Library Association.No funds derived from any state aid shall be paid to any person whose employment does not comply with this section.This section shall not apply to law libraries organized pursuant to Chapter 4 (§ 42.1-60 et seq.), libraries in colleges and universities or to public school libraries.


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