§ 42.1-11

Editing and publishing state records and other special matter; list of publications

The Board may edit, or cause to be edited, arranged and published, as the funds at its disposal permit, the state records now or hereafter deposited in The Library of Virginia and such other special matter as it deems of sufficient value.The Board may cause to be printed any manuscript relating to the history of Virginia which has not been published, including such portions of the executive journals and letter books, and of the legislative papers, as the Board may deem proper, and shall cause the papers so to be printed to be arranged for that purpose and preserved for reference; and shall cause the records in the Library pertaining to the various wars in which the Commonwealth has been engaged to be edited, arranged, and published so as to show the service of citizens of the Commonwealth in such wars.The Library may expend funds to list its publications in appropriate commercial listings.


Code 1950, § 42-45; 1956, c. 169; 1970, c. 606; 1994, c. 64.


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