§ 40.1-8

Other officers to furnish information; protected health information under certain circumstances

A. All State, county, town and city officers shall furnish the Commissioner, upon his request, such statistical or other information as may be in their possession as such officers that will assist the Department in the discharge of its duties.

B. In the discharge of his duties to ensure compliance with federal law and regulation relating to the health and safety of Virginia’s workforce and prevention of work-related injuries, disabilities, and deaths, each licensed emergency medical services agency shall release to the Commissioner or his designee the prehospital patient care report required by § 32.1-116.1 when such records are requested for a patient who has suffered an injury, disability or death resulting from an accident or illness that occurred while engaged in his employment without obtaining consent or authorization for such disclosure from the person who is the subject of the records. The patient’s health records shall be confidential. The Commissioner and any designee shall only redisclose such protected health information in compliance with the regulations concerning patient privacy promulgated by the federal Department of Health and Human Services in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, as amended.


Code 1950, § 40-6; 1962, c. 66; 1970, c. 321; 2004, c. 163.


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